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Clean Energy Definition

All entrants’ proposed businesses must be based upon a technology, product, or service in one of the following clean energy focus areas:

  • Resource Conservation – Products, ideas, techniques or materials that deal with clean water, waste treatment, carbon capture or storage, emissions, scrubbers, etc.
  • Increased Energy Efficiency - Products, technologies, or ideas in lighting, industrial system improvements, heating and cooling systems, etc.
  • Advances in Building Techniques, Materials and Methods – Includes products, systems, materials, methods, and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and Green Building techniques and systems.
  • Smart Grid, Energy Storage – Ideas, products, materials and components that improve energy storage, from batteries or fuel cells to flywheels; ideas, techniques or products that make energy transmission, distribution, metering or remote control more efficient and less costly.
  • Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources – Includes products, technology, design, materials and systems that provide or enhance energy that is not from coal, oil or natural gas.
  • More Efficient Movement of People and/or Goods – From fleet management to new vehicle and propulsion system designs, any idea, product or technology that makes moving people or goods more efficient,  less costly or with a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Clean Tech Apps and Programs – From a cloud based app for a smart phone, to a new way to control energy consumption in a Green Building, this category is for strictly App, Web or Server based ventures that meets the Clean Energy goals of any of the other categories.

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